The colors for this website were inspired by colors derived from this blog:

That website posts different combinations of pleasing colors. Many people “favorite” the color combination that they enjoy, so I wanted to apply that crowdsourced knowledge to this website. I went to that blog and examined the most popular color schemes for elements that they had in common.

Out of the top 10 color schemes of all time, 9 of them had a blue color, 6 of which could be described as electric. So my first color choice was an electric blue. I then played around with some of the top neutral colors and decided I liked #252A34 as a black and #EAEAEA as a soft white. I might choose to go for something that sticks out more than that white. Out of the top 5 color schemes, 4 of them had a pink color. I decided to choose a pink, especially since the designers had already previously chosen a pink color for the logo.

So for the website’s color scheme, I am currently working with these four main colors:
#08D9D6  electric blue
#252A34  matte black
#FF2E63  fun pink
#EAEAEA  soft white

These are all subject to change exact numbers, but will likely remain that general scheme.

-Benjamin Feldman