This is the first official development log for Laffable!

This concept was formed in April, 2016. The idea was sparked from the lack of organization for reviewing stand up online. There are many sites dedicated to reviewing comedy, but they are overwhelmingly critic based as opposed to crowd sourced. Crowdsourced ratings are a more accurate reflection of public opinion. On the flip side, there are also many review sites that are crowd sourced, but aren’t focused on stand up comedy specials. We decided that a crowd sourced review website for stand up comedy would be our unique angle.

We are currently in the design and initial construction phase, namely working on the overall construction, layout, design, aesthetics, and architecture. We have already created initial versions of the logo, the icons, the comedian descriptions, and many of the pages.

Our current goals are to solidify the layout of all the pages, settle on a color scheme, and finish all the content gathering. In the next development phase, we will be filling all the pages with the appropriate content.

-Benjamin Feldman