Essentially the core of my work is page layouts.

My primary concern is the bio and stand up special pages, because once these are completed they can be replicated repeatedly and filled with the proper information. However, that cannot happen until they are complete, so they are imperative at this early stage. (As of editing this post, they are almost done). The other main concern are the pages on the main navigation as well as the search results page.

For the overall layout, I have tried to maintain header text generally at 30px, 40px at the largest, and 20px for sub headers so that none of the headers would compete with the content. The pages are divided sectionally mostly by background color differences, generally with matte black as the prevailing content background. For the main navigation pages (besides home), they each have a top parallax header image that gives a neat pink gradient behind the header. The home page has the actual full header image as well as the search function overlay, and is not parallax. Comedian pages and stand up special pages are similarly formatted to one another because they are intertwined inherently.

In terms of specific elements, all of the stand-up specials are presented as projects in a portfolio grid. Buttons are all standardized except for the rating forms, and have circular edges with electric blue coloring to demonstrate a clean and fun look, but are small enough to not be distracting. Social media links are circular instead of square because I found circle to be cleaner. Bio images get a pink border for highlighting the individual, but specials do not because it is much cleaner overall without them. Comments have a much lighter background than the rest of the site to indicate a breaking of the fourth wall in a sense.

There were many other considerations and elements as well. The above is just a general explanation of some of the decisions. The aesthetic aim was cleanliness, readability, and a generally exciting but cool vibe.

-Benjamin Feldman
P.S. Entirely everything I know about UX, I learned from “UX For Beginners” by Joel Marsh.