I cannot include every comedian ever, so I have to limit the comedians that I add. The criteria for who made the first cut was based on a few different major categories:

  • Historically critically acclaimed such as Bob Hope and Richard Pryor
  • Important innovative figures such as Lenny Bruce and Andy Kaufman
  • Historically popular such as Robin Williams and Jerry Seinfeld
  • Currently popular comedians such as Amy Schumer and Kevin Hart
  • Personal favorites, such as Mike Birbiglia and Dan Mintz

There is clearly overlap between categories. Richard Pryor for example is a historically acclaimed, historically popular, and important innovative figure. Comedians in multiple categories are better candidates for the website, so overlap is considered a positive thing. I came to around fifty comedians to put in.

I plan to add more comedians over time, but the above reasons are the initial justification for the ones chosen so far. The next phase of addition will likely be mainly in the currently popular category in order to maintain relevance. I will also add more modern comedians that are less well known because I consider it important to support upcoming talent. Lastly, it is also important to have a good breadth of content, so I will also add many other comedians over time, but the focus will initially be current performers.

-Benjamin Feldman