The core functionality of the DIVI WordPress theme is truly fantastic and well designed. There are some specific scenario things it doesn’t handle of course, and so I’ve added a few main plugins to the website.

Multi Rating
A rating system was one of the first plugins I made it a point to decide on. This one has solid star customization, placement settings, and easy css handling that make it very strong for our purposes. My main concerns are how it will handle heavy scaling and also that the system for not allowing multiple ratings is based on either device&time or browser cookies. Not sure in what way I would improve that, but I’m also not sure how they will play out. Maybe a login system would be a good idea down the road. I haven’t made it that way yet because although accuracy of ratings is a core concern, I have weighed accessibility as more important initially, and a login step is a significant barrier to that.

Better Search
Enables CSS handling of the search results page, so I don’t need to edit it in the editor’s search page php loop, which to be quite honest, I have never worked with php and have no idea what I would be doing. This plugin also has a search heat map feature. I’m not sure that will necessarily be appropriate for our purposes, but I will play around with it nonetheless, if only for the reason that aggregate data is enjoyable to visualize.

Top 10
This is how we are tracking the most popular posts daily and of all time, and this feeds into the trending category. Very straightforward to work with.

Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode by SeedProd 
I did not install this one in particular, our hosting company, Iperdesign, put this one in place as a temporary landing page. It has been working well though and I will likely use it in the future for the maintenance purposes.

-Benjamin Feldman
PS. For those of you that like comedy and programming languages, the acronym PHP stands for “PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor” and then that second PHP also stands for “PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor” and this keeps going forever. This is called a “recursive backronym” according to the wikipedia page for PHP.