I was able to fill in all of the stand-up special content that is immediately accessible from the home page. I cut back on the number of comedians whose specials are included, and I cut back on the specials of the current comedians already included. This was due to time constraints, as I have a week left of my internship. Many of the previously planned comedians still have bio pages, but they say, “This comedian’s specials will be added in the next update.”

The next update refers to the next wave of comedian specials that I add. I will be attempting to add more specials while also doing the finishing touches. The website is now in a place though where the available content is all filled, and anything I add will not mess up the current content.

Some main current issues (that I am not going to immediately address yet) include the size of the images varying as they appear on the home page, loading times versus how many specials to include per portfolio, and lack of text descriptions for some of the specials.

-Benjamin Feldman