RatingScale_11RatingScale0_11RatingScale0_11RatingScale0_11RatingScale0_11 – Terrible
RatingScale_11RatingScale_11RatingScale0_11RatingScale0_11RatingScale0_11 – Poor
RatingScale_11RatingScale_11RatingScale0_11RatingScale0_11 – Average
RatingScale_11RatingScale_11RatingScale_11RatingScale_11RatingScale0_11 – Strong
RatingScale_11RatingScale_11RatingScale_11RatingScale_11 – Hilarious


Laffable is not monetized currently. We don’t own any of the stand-up specials, cover images of the specials, comedian biography images, quoted text descriptions and details about the specials, special trailers, and we are not affiliated with any of the comedians or their representatives.


Laffable is a stand-up special rating website that collects and provides user generated stand-up special ratings in an organized manner. The idea was formed when Benjamin Feldman was trying to find a user based rating website specifically for stand-up, but could not find one.


Laffable is an independent study project created almost entirely by one dude over a few months for an internship, so please realize it has heavy limitations.

Laffable’s Comedy

Most of the comedian bios are comedic first-person opinion based satire. We decided to make our bios funny because you can find in-depth factual bios elsewhere. They are satirical and do not necessarily reflect the real opinions of our team.

Comedy is Subjective

The ratings on Laffable do not necessarily indicate how a special will affect you personally on an artistic or emotional level. The ratings are the average quantified opinions of our participating users. Laffable is meant to be a helpful guide, not the final word of quality.

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